Sabbatical from marriage not bad idea, says Emma Thompson

Los Angeles: Actress Emma Thompson drew parallels between real life and the plot of her new comedy "The Love Punch" and said that she`s all for taking a year out of a marriage if it is "done properly".

The 54 year-old, currently promoting "The Love Punch", told The Telegraph that she is advocate of "taking a break from each other", reports

"I wonder whether this isn`t the way forward for a lot of married couples? You look at it and think that maybe every marriage should have a kind of a sabbatical, that couples should be forced to take a break from each other every so often, if just for a year or so," she said.

"It`s actually not a bad idea. You need to go off perhaps, although not to be with other people. I think that would make things very difficult: All that free love stuff has been tried and tested and doesn`t work and has been proven to make relationships very, very tricky.

"But I`m sure a sabbatical could work if it were done properly," she added.