Sadness is seeing our parents growing old!

Sadness is seeing our parents growing old!
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With a blink of an eye everything was made available to me when I was a kid, I was never left alone in the house when I was a kid, my smile used to bring smile to numerous faces when I was a kid, I was exactly like a princess when I was kid!

I was provided with so many amenities and comfort that I cherish those memories till date and it was no one else but my parents who made all this possible to me when I was a kid.

We are so busy in our very own life that we have forgotten that our parents are getting old and they need us desperately. Since my own life is going through so many changes due to my current lifestyle, I simply failed to realize how much my own parents were aging and it hits me really really hard.

As a child, a teenager or an adult we always see our parents around us in all the bad and good times, our father protect us and take care of things, our mom always around us to make sure our needs are attended so that we always know we are loved. Their aim is to be available for their kids at any given time. Our tears are their biggest enemy and they can go to any extent just to wipe every single drop and bring smiles. For any expensive demand no matter how unaffordable it might be, they would never say no rather they would try their level best to provide the same or something of the similar sort. Such are parents and such is their heart for their heart (kids). They take so much pain themselves; just to make their kids feel relaxed. Certainly that’s the reason why they are considered equivalent to God. All through my life I have seen my parents strong, energetic and young, however now I see a change. This is the time when they need me the most, but I have no time for them. Just making a call in a day doesn’t suffice. What they need is our physical presence because at this age they become exactly like kids.

Our parents are the foundation of our life, they have guided us always. Until now, whenever we need advice we know our father is just a call away or whenever we feel low we know our mother is there to sympathize us. But see the irony, when they need us we aren’t around. In the hunger of earning money and growing in our own fields we have forgotten that our parents are growing older and older day by day. Despite of spending their early years in shaping our life, what they are getting in return is ALOOFNESS. Being parents they will never complain as for them the biggest relief is to see their kids happy, but isn’t this our responsibly to hold them when they need us the most.

We are our parents’ lifeline, they always aim to provide us the best, how can we be so stiff and forget their contribution. How can we forget that our existence in the world is because of our parents, the reason we have achieved so much is because of our parents, the reason we were and we are flourishing all this while is because of our parents. We started walking, holding our parents hands, we started talking listening to our parents’ voice. They always stood by our side. And now when it’s our turn to show them the love and respect, we are taking a back seat.

I can’t imagine my life without my parents they are my backbone. I’m suffering in the guilt of not giving them the time they deserve from me. When they sacrificed their entire life on me, why can’t I give them few years? My parents are solely my responsibility the way I was theirs when I was a kid. I need to let them know how much I love them and what they mean to me. I have no individuality without them. They have made me a human being, who can stand for herself. I’m blessed with the best parents of the world, and now it’s my turn to make them feel special each time. They don’t need luxury they just need love, they don’t need comfort they just need company.

Everyone who is reading this, please respect your parents and be with them. No matter how old your parents are, the practicality is that any of us could lose our parents at any time. Let’s all make an effort to spend more time with them, express your love and respect to them, and make them feel that you are with them always, the way they were with you when you were a kid.  Please Wake Up Before It's Too Late!!!

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