Salma Hayek takes husband`s last name

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Salma Hayek says her two-year-old daughter convinced her to adopt her husband`s last name.

Hayek is married to French fashion executive Francois-Henri Pinault.

"It was Valentina`s request. I didn`t think about it until she brought it up. We were shooting a film and she saw my chair with my name on it. She says, `What does it say there?` And I said, `Salma Hayek.` And she said, `What about Pinault? Why not Pinault?` Because people here (in France) say `Madame Pinault`," quoted her as saying.

Hayek is thrilled to show her solidarity with her family as she continues her new life in France.

She explains, "I said to myself, `This is who I am now. I`m starting a whole new life. I`ve never been happier. Why shouldn`t I share it with the people who have been supporting me my whole career, who have been with me since the beginning?`



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