Salman Khan sheds off his six packs for ‘Dabangg’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Now here’s a shocker. Bollywood’s original macho man Salman Khan will be seen without those famed six packs in his upcoming film ‘Dabangg’. Buzz has it that the actor has worked on to develop a paunch close to what an average police officer in the country has in common.

According to sources, Salman Khan plays a cop in ‘Dabangg’ and the reason why he was asked to lose his macho frame and get a little unfit was simply because the real-life hunk can get in to the character of a pan-chewing Bihari cop.

Well, demand of the script. Can’t help it!

It’s hard to believe but we can totally imagine the kind of pain that Sallu bhai had to go through. And if this wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury, news also has it that Salman was asked to go through this ordeal by none other than his own brother Arbaaz Khan, who is the producer of ‘Dabangg’.

To shed those super abs, sources confirm that the actor was put on a special diet and was refrained from doing exercises. So Salman, in fear of going all flabby, learned the game of table tennis and practiced the sport rather than burning it out in the gym.


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