Sarah Palin slammed for eating pizza with fork in NY!

Updated: Jun 02, 2011, 11:40 AM IST

New York: Potential GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been slammed for eating pizza with a fork in New York.

The Tea Party favorite and fellow GOP media-monger Donald Trump shared a pie at Famiglia Pizzeria in Times Square during a stop on her ‘One Nation’ bus tour on Tuesday and both of them used forks.

"She doesn`t know any better. Only Sarah Palin would eat pizza with a fork in New York," the New York Daily News quoted Darrell Carter, an exterminator from the Bronx, as saying.

Adama Tourray, a clothing store employee from the Bronx, said he has never seen anyone eat pizza with a fork in the Big Apple before.

"It`s not New York style. You got to grab it," he said.

Others have a bigger problem with the potential presidential candidate`s political views than her eating style.

"I can`t even get past the picture of her with Donald Trump to comment on the food," said Dolly Williams, a 38-year-old from midtown.

But if she could instruct Palin on how to eat a slice of pizza, she would tell her to use her hands.

"Fold it length-wise and eat it from the narrow end up," said Williams.