Scarface mansion `Little Paradise` in California listed for $30k-a-month

London: The stunning home used in Al Pacino’s movie ‘Scarface’, which is aptly named ‘Little Paradise’, or, El Fureidis, has gone up on the market for rental.

The mansion, which has been listed at a hefty 30k dollars-a-month, is set over 10 acres of idyllic land in Santa Barbara, California, boasting lush Persian gardens, swimming pools and a rooftop terrace.

Inside the 10,000-square-foot property, there are elaborate barrel-vaulted ceilings and beautiful tile-work frame many of the rooms, all of which offer sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the multiple palm trees that surround the home.

Hallways are large and grand, bathed in California sunshine as it pours through multiple windows, the Daily Mail reported.

While the oversized living room makes space for poker and snooker tables, the kitchen is far less extravagant, decked out all in white, though a huge double fridge ensures there will always be plenty of food and drink for throwing parties.

All the extravagance lies behind one of the home’s signature heavy oak doors.

Designed by American architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and completed in 1906, the epic mansion was the stage for the 1983 cult film ‘Scarface’ and sold to billionaire banker Sergey Grishin for 6.23 million dollars in 2009.