Scarlett Johansson wants to be like Brad Pitt

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is inspired by Brad Pitt and wants to be a character actor like him.

"While he has always been regarded as `so gorgeous` he has never let that prevent him from being a character actor, which is what he is and what I have always wanted to be," Johansson said.

The 29-year-old also spoke about her desire to take on challenging roles and to be free from media stereotypes.

"If you want to grow out of the stereotype the media stamp on you as an actor you have to focus on challenging yourself and taking on diverse roles. Brad Pitt has managed to do that," she added.
Johansson refuses to be tagged as America`s sweetheart.
"There is nothing wrong with an acting career in which you play the romantic lead or America`s sweetheart or the romantic comedy queen, but I have never thought of myself as playing those kinds of roles. I have always wanted to be a character actor," she said.

Johansson has received universal acclaim for her performance as `Samantha` an operating system in the upcoming film `Her`.

Set in the future, the film revolves around a heartbroken man who becomes intrigued with a new operating system, which promises to be an individual entity for each user. On initiating it, he meets Samantha, a bright, female voice, played by Johansson.

`Her` releases in India this Friday.