School kids addicted to substance abuse

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: School children as young as 10 years are at a greater risk of substance abuse. A survey conducted by a leading daily has revealed that many children indulge in sniffing eraser thinner and nail paint removers in schools. And such activities have become a regular feature in schools in metropolitan cities, especially in the capital.

Unfortunately, parents of the students who are victims to such an addiction have least knowledge about their children’s involvement in consumption of substances. Children often end up using their pocket money to buy pain relieving gels, white ink thinner solutions to quench their urge.

The CCTV cameras installed in a school, grabbed images of students sniffing these dangerous fluids, in the national capital region.

Talking to the daily, a class 8 student of a school in the NCR revealed, “I know of at least seven students in my class who have started sniffing; everyone knows about it.”

What is indeed shocking is the fact that children know the exact technique of abusing these substances. Explaining how one needs to sniff, a student said, “Pour eraser fluid on your sleeve and sniff it, no one notices. It’s not like drinking or smoking a joint.”

The increasing number of students falling prey to such nasty use of materials is a matter of great concern to counselors of rehabilitation centers as they believes that most cases go unreported. And to make matters worse, students who turn addicts do not receive proper treatment to withdraw from addiction.