Scientology destined to destroy Tom Cruise’s life: Jamie DeWolf

Melbourne: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson Jamie DeWolf has claimed that the controversial religion was bound to destroy Tom Cruise’s marriage with Katie Holmes.

In an interview with CBS, he called Scientology a “well-funded psychotic beast” and described his great-grandfather as nothing more than a “lying con-man” who peddled “pseudoscience.”

The 35-year-old slam poet said that Scientology destroyed his own family and undoubtedly led to Holmes’ divorce from Cruise.

He is the grandson of Hubbard’s eldest son, who changed his name after he fell out with his father over his teachings.

He said that his mother never talked about Hubbard or Scientology.

“It destroyed and devoured both her grandfather and her father,” quoted him as saying.

The spoken word comedian said that “Cruise is another victim of the mirage that my great grandfather created around himself.”

“He’s as deep as you can possibly get into Scientology. He’s probably going to die a Scientologist. I don’t believe he could leave even if he wanted to,” he said.

Dewolf also said that Holmes had been lucky to get out - “the more she saw behind the curtain the more horrified that she probably was.”

The Church of Scientology rejected DeWolf’s claims, saying: “Despite his public representations and self-promotion, Mr. DeWolf is not knowledgeable about the Church of Scientology or its founder.”