Seal more scared of social media influence on kids than drugs

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2013, 17:37 PM IST

Melbourne: Seal has said that he is more concerned about the impact of social media on his children today than the lure of illicit drugs.

The British singer and father of four told Ellen Fanning`s SBS series, `The Observer Effect`, while "drugs have always been here" the new challenge for parents was protecting their kids from the "recklessness" and "harmful rhetoric" of anonymous online trolls, reported.

In a compelling interview recorded last week after his Twitter rant about Joel Madden`s hotel drug raid, Seal said while he warned his kids drugs weren`t "something that you should be dabbling in," he was more scared of the "recklessness" of the cyber world.

"For the first time in our civilisation we are living in this digital age where there is this recklessness on the internet where people can for the first time go on to a public domain, a public space and just splurt the most harmful rhetoric about people without any recourse," he said.

He argued "there should be a mandatory declaration of identity on the internet before you are allowed to voice your opinion."

The 50-year-old said that he is worried about the kind of world that they are creating which his children will eventually grow up to see.