Sexting has got official sanction, you may retweet it

London: Sexting has just got the official sanction. And joining it in the dictionary is woot - a word that, for the uninitiated, means an electronic commuication to express enthusiasm or triumph.

The latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary also contains words like retweet, which means to forward a message on Twitter, reported Daily Telegraph.

Then there is jeggings, which is a cross between leggings and jean.

There`s more.

Marconigram means a wireless message.

Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages through mobile phone and cyberbullying is to use communications technology to intimidate.

The media report said that new words were selected after being entered into a database of two billion words drawn from contemporary websites and texts.

"It`s how the dictionary has always worked - we get as much evidence as we can so we know it`s not just a small number of people using the word and it`s not going to disappear," Angus Stevenson, the dictionary`s editor, was quoted as saying.


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