Sexting: Is it good or bad? These Indian girls will tell you

Sexting - is it good or bad? Watch this video and find out what these young girls have to say  

Sexting: Is it good or bad? These Indian girls will tell you
A grab from the video

With the boom in digital media and growing smart phone usage – a new trend has been observed among young couples – sexting. Sexting basically means sex and texting. It could be in the form of pictures (nude images, flirtatious media exchange) and also simple texting. It has caught up with the youngsters of India as much as in western countries.

However, there's a belief that women are not comfortable in delving into this trend.

Well, the myth about sexting and women has reached a 'reality check'. First, to say that women are not at all comfortable with sexting is wrong. Second, if you think sexting is all about 'obscenity' – well not necessarily.

We aren't saying this. But this video is.

A channel in Youtube called 'So Effin Cray' has a message for all the youngsters out there, and also, for the grown ups.

Sexting is not wrong, not always. At least according to these female youngters.

Watch the video here:

So, as you could see in the video, for some sexting could be 'fun', a 'turn on' or even something to be 'indulged' in.

So apparently, all these girls are trying to say is: it's up to the people to decide what they are comfortable in and not. Although there are cases of stalking and obscene texting in India, one should not confuse it with consensual indulgence in 'sexting'.


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