Shami in Most Influential list

London: Indian-origin activist Shami Chakrabarti has grabbed a top spot on the list of Britain`s Most Influential Women, just behind Queen Elizabeth II.

The list was topped by `Harry Potter` author J K Rowling and the ruling monarch was pushed to the third spot by former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who grabbed the second

Chakrabarti, 41 is the director of Liberty, a British pressure group championing human rights and was placed fourth on the list compiled by the National Magazine Company, whose publications include Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping, reported a website.

The pixy-haired Chakrabarti, who was born to Bengali parents living in London, was labelled "the most dangerous woman in Britain" by tabloids for her outspoken criticism of the Labour government`s response to crime and terrorism.

Meanwhile Rowling, who began writing the Hogwarts tale of young wizard Harry Potter as an unemployed single mother, grabbed the top spot.

`Girls Aloud` singer Cheryl Cole was fifth, while supermodel Kate Moss also made the top 10.