‘Sherlock’ flat available for rent at £330-a-week

London: The flat that is the shooting location for BBC’s hit drama ‘Sherlock’, can now be yours to rent if you can spare a weekly 330 pounds.

The one-bedroom flat, situated above a cafe in London called Speedy’s, has been watched by eight million viewers on the show as Holmes and Doctor Watson use its black door in the Victorian terrace. That and the cafe’s red awning have made the location a distinctive tourist hotspot.

On screen, Sherlock’s lodgings are filled with dusty books, a chemistry set and of course his violin.

However, the interior shots were filmed elsewhere and the real flat is furnished more sparingly. But that has not stopped people from flocking to view it.

“We have seen a higher number of people look around this property than normal. A lot are keen to have their own little piece of Sherlock,” the Daily Express quoted Ali Pishgou, from estate agents McHugh and Co, as saying.

“Some are surprised that it isn’t actually on Baker Street and looks completely different inside,” he said.

Speedy’s cafe has featured in a number of storylines, and is attracting visitors from the US, Japan and Australia who flock to have their picture taken outside.

All this is good news for the owner Chris Georgiou, 55, who says that business has been given a boost as a result.

“We get about 10 to 15 extra customers a day. It’s fantastic to be part of something as exciting as Sherlock,” he said.

The Internet has been abuzz with theories after Holmes appeared to commit suicide by leaping from a building at the end of the second series of ‘Sherlock’.

Last week co-creator Steven Moffat confirmed there would be a third series.


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