Siddharth Mallya eats Cobra’s heart, drinks blood!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Celebs are known to be quirky but to boast of it has remained in the domain of a select few. The latest to join the club is ‘Prince of Good Times’ Siddharth Mallya who ‘for the sake of trying out local cuisine’ ate the heart of a Cobra in Vietnam and that too while it was still beating!

Deepika Padukone’s beau wrote on microblogging website Twitter: “Just ate the heart of a cobra while it was STILL beating!! They cut it out of its body in front of us..also had the blood mixed with coke!!(sic)”

“The blood was mixed with a bit of coke so has a sweet tang to it, and the actual snake meet tasted like marrow...(sic),” he added.

Mallya Jr’s boasting about his culinary adventure evinced sharp response from the Twitterrati with majority slamming him for the act but there were few who wanted more details.

For them, Siddharth went into the details to explain his experience: “Ok so to answer questions..the heart didn`t really taste of anything as I swallowed it in one..kind of had the texture of an oyster...(sic)”

“I always believe in trying the local cuisine wherever I am..last yr in South Korea I had dog meat..this time in Vietnam.. Snake!!!!!(sic)” he wrote justifying his action.

One of the most vocal in slamming him was a follower called Rimi Sen. She wrote, “When ur dad`s airlines`s staff is strugling to meet ends for 2 mnths, u r holidayng exotic n showing off! Shame on you!!(sic)”

Mallya Jr responded acridly, “I`m here on work u fool. Read the rest of my tweets before searching for ur 15 minutes(sic).”

For others, he had a one liner ready, “if u can`t handle it, unfollow me.”

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