Simon Cowell will be a cool dad: Kelly Rowland

New Delhi: Singer Kelly Rowland believes that music mogul Simon Cowell, her co-judge on reality show `The X Factor`, will be a "pretty cool dad".

Cowell is expecting his first child with New York-based socialite Lauren Silverman.

When Rowland was asked her take on what sort of a father will Cowell make, she said: "I think Simon is going to be a pretty cool dad."

Rowland and Cowell will soon be seen judging the third season of the American singing reality show "The X Factor" along with singers Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio.

She feels that since he has guided so many people into their careers, and he has been like a father figure to several groups that he has put together, "it (fatherhood) is going to actually be a breeze for him".

"I think that it`s so crazy. I think that above anything, life happens and this is a part of life, and a new life will be here, and it just so happens, it`s going to be Simon`s," she added.

The new season of "The X Factor" will air on BIG CBS love.