Sinead O`Connor claims Miley Cyrus` fans are abusing and urging her to `commit suicide`

ANI| Updated: Oct 10, 2013, 16:43 PM IST

Washington: Sinead O`Connor has claimed in her fourth open letter to Miley Cyrus listing suicide statistics revealing that her fans are urging her to commit suicide.

The 46-year old Irish singer-songwriter has claimed that she has had numerous communications where she made the subject of thousands of abusive articles and her fans have made comments which suggest that she and all perceived mentally ill people should be bullied and be invalidated, People Magazine reported.

O`Connor has previously threatened to take legal action against the 20-year old daughter of country-singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

The dispute between the two singers began as an open letter from O`Connor to Cyrus, in which she critiqued the former Disney star`s actions, telling her not "to prostitute" herself.