Singer Lily Allen wants no limelight

London: Singer Lily Allen is fed up of being in limelight and hopes she can "fade into oblivion" soon.

"I hope in a year`s time I`m not gonna be asked to awards and I won`t be nominated because I haven`t put anything out there. And hopefully I can fade into oblivion," said Allen, reports

The 25-year-old, who recently said she wants to give up her music career to pursue a new fashion venture, says she would rather have children with her boyfriend, building contractor Sam Cooper, and lead a normal life.

"I plan to have children in the next year, and because people have stopped buying music, the only way to make money is on tour and I`m just not willing to do that with babies around.

"I`m the happiest I`ve ever been, suddenly I have a sense of who I am. Having Sam around gives me confidence and makes me feel I`ve got him to lean on, whereas before I felt really lonely. Like it was me fighting the rest of the world, really. I don`t feel like I`m fighting anyone any more. I don`t feel defensive or aggressive, just pretty levelled out," she added.