Single attractive females prefer career to relationship

Melbourne: More often than ever, women in there 30s and 40s are putting off relationships to focus on their careers and personal successes, says an Oz expert.

Social trend analyst David Chalke has predicted that by 2020 people living alone will make up the biggest percentage of households in Australia and there will be more women than men.

Gorgeous co-host of Channel Ten`s `The Circle` Yumi Stynes is happy with the label.

"It`s not that I set out to meet the SAS criteria, it just kind of happened. I am the mother of two beautiful girls who keep me very busy and my television career is full-on," the Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

"These days living alone is not pathetic, it is empowering for women. I think you will find that a lot of successful women are successful because they set a certain standard for themselves. We all meet our own expectations," she added.

Jodie Macaulay who would turn 40 soon and has never been married said: "I always thought I would have children by now but, you know, it is circumstance that puts you where you are in life.

"I live in hope that I have not left it too late but I am not sitting around moaning about what life has dealt me. I wouldn`t swap my life for anyone else`s,`` she said.

"I have my own business and am independent both socially and financially. You might say I`m lucky and spoilt I can make my own decisions in life and have the money to back them up," she added.


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