Sinitta is excited to `spoil` Cowell`s son

PTI| Updated: Apr 20, 2014, 08:50 AM IST

London: Singer Sinitta feels honoured to be Simon Cowell`s son`s godmother and plans to spoil him rotten.

Sinitta, 45, said she is excited to watch her adopted children, Zac and Magdalena, bond with the toddler, reportedly.

"I feel so honoured. To think I will watch Eric grow up and know him all his life. He`ll play with my children too. I feel very protective - and I shall spoil him rotten," Sinitta said.

The former girlfriend of Cowell also expressed her desire to dress up the baby in Gucci.

"We will definitely have our jeans and T-Shirt moments tumbling around in the park," Sinitta said. Sinitta texted Cowell after being asked to be Eric`s godmother and was "touched" by his reponse.

"I was touched by Simon`s response. He said, `I want all of our children to grow up together. I adore you and Magdalena and Zac and want us all to stay close`," the actress said.