Slimmer women receive higher salaries

Washington: ‘Men should be big and strong, and women skinny’ - a cultural lesson drilled into our heads ever since we were tots.
Unfortunately, that’s how it has to be if you want to earn a fair salary.

According to a recent study, men who are skinnier than average cash smaller pay checks than normal-weighted men, while thin women are paid significantly more than their average-size counterparts, reports the Washington Post.

Experts say it is just another sign that as a society, we have internalized the unrealistic, media-driven physical ideals that show up in the workplace - and, therefore, the pocketbook.

Researchers Timothy Judge and Daniel Cable found thin women earned about 16,000 dollars more a year on average. In contrast, thin men earned about 8,000 dollars less than their more muscular male co-workers.

They said that much of the problem is the result of subconscious decisions based on entrenched social stereotypes.heir report cites studies in which obese individuals were identified as ``undisciplined, dishonest and less likely to do productive work``.

Conversely, the researchers pointed out that employers and fellow employees associate values of self-discipline, thrift, hard work and positivity with thin individuals.

The researchers suggested that employers look at their assumptions about employees` weight, because they may be rooted in prejudice.
The study is published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.