Smile – it’s the best way to attract the opposite sex

London: A new study has suggested that the best way to attract the opposite sex is to have a big smile on your face, and it even beats having a toned body or beautiful eyes.

The BioRepair toothpaste survey found almost four out of 10 adults rated white teeth and a healthy smile as the most important physical attribute.

It also revealed that one in four said physique was the first thing that attracted them when they met someone of the opposite sex, and only 11.8 percent thought eyes were most important.

And while hair played a large part in instant attraction for one in 10 of the 3,000 men and women, a potential partner’s dress sense mattered to just 8.67 percent.

“We are a nation of gym devotees. Everyone seems to believe it is the answer to the ‘perfect mate’ conundrum,” the Daily Express quoted BioRepair’s Louise Fair as saying.

“But our study shows that while the perfect body and beautiful eyes are still very important, their effect on potential partners or lovers can easily be ruined by bad teeth and a rotten smile.

“Good teeth and a big white smile is the one thing, above all else, that the UK highlights as the most important physical attribute when meeting someone from the opposite sex for the first time,” she stated.


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