Snoop Lion`s 4/20 party in Hollywood shut down by cops

Updated: Apr 21, 2013, 16:28 PM IST

Washington: ` Snoop Lion 420 Festival` organised by the Snoop Lion himself was shut down even before the star of the show arrived because some of the neighbours were reportedly not happy with the noise it was producing.

The party, which was being held in a Hollywood Hills mansion to celebrate all things cannabis, was started late at night and didn`t even have a permit, TMZ reported.

Law enforcement sources told the publication that multiple neighbors in the vicinity complained about the noise levels and parking situation caused by hoards of partygoers.

The sources added that the police soon arrived at the party and quickly shut it down.

Insiders of the celebrity gossip website revealed that no one was cited at the event but the 41-year-old rapper came to the party just as it was being closed.

The site`s sources added that the weed-loving star spoke to cops and was incredibly cooperative and understood why the party was being stopped.