Social media influencing employees to be honest

Washington: A communication expert has said that social media are influencing employees to speak the truth in fear of being seen by their bosses, who could sack them for lying.

Carolyn Anderson, a professor of communication in the School of Communication of Akron University in Ohio, said employees have witnessed much dishonest behaviours that have been exposed recently through social and traditional media and realized they don’t want to suffer the same fate.

She said, with social media giving their employers access to nearly every detail of their lives, many employees are being more up front with employers.

“People are lying less at work — because lies are so exposed today,” LiveScience quoted her as telling BusinessNewsDaily.

Social media, she said, has played a big role in bringing about increasing transparency from employees.

“Whatever you say on Facebook is being read by your company and you could be fired,” she said.

“Some employers check Facebook posts every day. With social media, you can’t get away with much at all,” she added.


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