Something wrong with `speling`

London: It seems there`s is definitely something wrong with people`s `speling`, but few are ready to admit it, a new study has revealed.

In fact, according to the study, based on a survey, many Britons are lost without a computer spell-checker. But sometimes even that cannot help as one in six people spell words so badly that the machine doesn`t recognise the attempt.

`Separate` is the most commonly misspelt word followed by `definitely` among 3,500 people questioned. And as for words such as `manoeuvre` or `embarrass`, it`s just embarrassing, the `Daily Express` reported.

One in five blames predictive text messaging for bad spelling, says market research company `` which commissioned the study.

But despite a revealed catalogue of errors, most people (77 per cent) believe their spelling to be either "good" or "very good".



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