Soon, ‘social X-Ray’ glasses to tell you what your date is thinking!

London: Wouldn’t you just love to know what your date is thinking when the two of you are having conversations?

Soon, a pair of ‘social X-Ray’ glasses will give you an ‘extra sense’ as to whether he/she is getting bored or is enjoying your company, reports the Daily Mail.

The glasses have a built-in camera, which monitors the other person’s facial expressions and matches them up with 24 known features, which convey emotions.

It will then tell the individual via an earpiece and lights on the glasses what their date is thinking.

In a traffic light-style system, a red light means negative, amber means they are moderately interested and green means your date is happy.

The glasses are currently under development by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology``s Media Lab.

The eyewear was developed for people suffering from autism who have genuine difficulties interacting with others, but now the team behind it has seen wider applications.
So far the glasses are still a work in progress and have been accurate just 64 per cent of the time, a figure which is expected to improve with further tests.’


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