Spirituality: Know the significance of 'Om' and how to pronounce it!

Learn the correct way to pronounce sacred word 'Om'.

Updated: Feb 27, 2016, 17:05 PM IST
Spirituality: Know the significance of 'Om' and how to pronounce it!
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One of the most powerful and sacred words in the Hindu mythology – 'Om' also has a significance in Buddhism. It is also a powerful word in Yoga.

The benefits of 'Om' are innumerable. There are even posters of the words signifying the importance of the word in our day to day life.

Benefits of uttering the word:

There mere chanting of 'Om' in the correct way could lead to the realization of self. To put it more clearly, it helps in the atonement of the 'Aatman' – the inner self. It also removes unnecessary blocks and enhances inner power and potency.

Another benefit of chanting the word is evoking the deep internal being and instilling peace. It is for this reason, 'Om' is used as one of the most powerful words for meditation.

How to pronounce:

The word 'Om' must be pronounced in the correct form. 'Om' is also spelled as 'AUM' and in 'AUM' – both 'A' and 'U' are two vowels which are combined to produce one powerful vowel sound.

Example: 'AUM' or 'Om' can be pronounced as 'Home' – only without the 'H'.

Another key point to remember is, while chanting 'Om' – equal importance should be given to both 'O' and 'M' – as in, prolong the pronunciation of both 'O' and 'M'.

Example: 'Om' should be pronounced as 'oooommmm' where both 'O' and 'M' are pronounced properly.