Star Trek captains unite for comic con

London: All five Star Trek captains, who have appeared in the sci-fi TV sereies, united for the first time at a comic convention.

William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula all appeared on stage together at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.

Seated in order of their appearance on each TV incarnation, Shatner, 81, was first in the line up, having played Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek series which ran from 1966 to1969, the Daily Mail reported.

Taking command of the Starship enterprise, Shatner also played Kirk on the big screen in seven Star Trek movies.

The actor certainly seemed to enjoy himself at the convention as he took to his Twitter account to express his thoughts at the convention.

“Had a great time at Philly Comic con! What a great crowd!” he wrote.

Although it was the first time the captains had gathered together for the event, Shatner had last year met and interviewed each one for his documentary movie Captains.

“I discovered traits and tendencies and similarities between all of us that I was able to expand on and explore,” he told Star Trek fan site last year.

“And, most critically, I discovered an evolution of my own feelings that came as a result of talking to the people in the documentary. So I found myself within the discovery while I was discovering.

“Patrick spoke to me as deeply and in as affecting a tone as he ever has anywhere, in my experience. Avery was a delight, and he spoke to me in musical terms.

“Kate was magnificent and dignified and revealed herself more emphatically than I could have hoped for. Scott Bakula was as jovial and as warm as one would have expected, and then just specks of heartache emerged,” he said.


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