Stars bitten by Hindu `chakra` bracelet bug!

One might think that it’s a latest fad that seems to have hit stars, but these wristbands, which find their origin in Hinduism, have more to do with spirituality than fashion.

A-listers including Kanye West, Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole are wearing these bracelets, each bearing a different design.

They designed by London jewellery label Daisy, and each corresponds to one of seven Chakras - a Hindu concept relating to different kinds of energy, reports a daily.

Chakras are arranged up body from the coccyx to the crown, each one represented by a colour of the rainbow. The lower Chakras relate to the practical matters of our lives. As we progress up the spine, the Chakras become related to the mental realms.

Cheryl`s green `Heart` Chakra band is supposed to remind the wearer that they are worthy of love. Miller’s `Brow` Chakra bracelet relates to `intuition, perception and imagination’ and Kanye West`s `Base` Chakra relates to `stability, grounding and prosperity`.

Daisy has also taken orders for the 75 pounds wristbands from Katy Perry, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung, while Jude Law apparently “wears his constantly”.

Miller’s comes with the phrase “I am open to the wisdom within”; Kanye`s with the line, “I am here. I am real.”

Daisy`s James Boyd, who designed the bracelets after an illness led him to discover yoga and the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, is delighted by the success of his design, and has expanded the collection to include chain necklaces as well.


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