Stars pay tributes to late 'Dynasty' star Kate O'Mara on Twitter

London: Tributes have poured in on Twitter for 'Dynasty' star Kate O'Mara, who recently died at the age of 74 following a short illness.

Joan Collins, who was the late actress' co-star on the TV series, said that they had great fun on 'Dynasty', where O'Mara played her sister and its tragic news.

Colin Baker, who starred opposite her in 'Doctor Who', said that it s a very sad news and O'Mara was a delightful, committed and talented lady and actress, while TV presenter Graham Norton said that he loved every encounter he had with the late actress and this day doesn't seem so sunny to him.

O'Mara, who appeared in the original run of British series 'Doctor Who', died in a nursing home in southern England.