Steamy Durex ad stuns parishioners as they await live mass on webcam

London: Members of the Catholic congregation at St Patrick’s in Dumbarton, who logged on to the church’s webcam to watch a live mass, were greeted with a saucy video of couples romping.

The steamy commercial, of “pleasure-enhancing” Durex gel, showed six women in the throes of passion as an opera singer warbles in the background.

“My eyes almost popped out of my head,” the Sun quoted a churchgoer as saying.

“It’s certainly not the type of advert you’d expect on a Catholic church website.

“You would not imagine it is Durex’s target audience — but I suppose you can see the funny side of it,” the churchgoer said.

The advert makes it seem as if the women are singing Mozart’s Aria ends with the slogan “Sexperience”.

The ad was shown just as parishioners settled down for St Patrick’s live webcast of the Mass of the Holy Spirit.

“I was looking for a webcam to check Dumbarton’s weather — but I landed on the church site and got more than an eyeful,” another web user who stumbled across the film, said.

“I am sure the flock didn’t expect to see naked women writhing about groaning when they logged on for their service,” the user said.

The live stream was broadcast by webcast firm Ustream, which has a number of commercials before its shows.

Other ads that appear include one for a gambling site and another aimed at helping women get pregnant.