Stella McCartney prefers calling her kids’ nanny ‘a friend’

London: Stella McCartney has revealed that she is uncomfortable with the word “nanny” and prefers to address her as “a friend”. The fashion designer, whose children are all under the age of seven, had earlier spoken about feeling overwhelmed as a working mother and also about her guilt for not “being a mother 100 per cent”.

The 40-year-old revealed she had both a house-keeper and a nanny to allow her to run her multi-million pound fashion empire preferred by the likes of Kate Moss, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Winslet.

“I have a housekeeper, and a nanny, though I find that word jarring. I tell her, ‘I just want to call you a friend’,” a leading daily has quoted her as telling a magazine.

“It is really easy to get wrapped up in it and stress out about the kids, stress out about work. You have to constantly review it and say, is this doable?” she said.

And while she may have enjoyed the privileges of being born into music royalty, the mother of four is determined not to let her children take her self-made wealth for granted. Speaking about her own upbringing with music legend Sir Paul McCartney, worth a reported 500 million-pound, she said that she was never spoilt.

“He is an incredibly generous man, emotionally and financially. But we were never spoilt or handed wads of money,” she explained.

“My parents were first generation wealthy, they earned their money, they didn’t inherit it. I never felt entitled, and I do not feel entitled.

“I’m a worker, and I let me kids know that you work for money, and that if you take them out for pizza, it costs money,” she added.

McCartney gave birth to her second daughter Reiley in 2010, and has a five-year-old daughter Bailey, and two sons Miller, seven, and Beckett, four with her husband Alasdhair Willis. She said that she had ruled out having any more children after she “packed them in my thirties.”


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