Store your luxury handbags with love

London: How do you store your handbags? Are they lovingly tucked away waiting to be worn out or are they stuffed under the bed gathering dust? It`s time to give equal importance to your handbags like the way you give to your wardrobe.

Bedroom retailer Betta Living has teamed up with storage brand The Clutter Fairy to offer advice on how to make spaces for handbags, suggest reports.

* Put handbags at eye-level so you have visibility of what you own - this helps you to avoid the 80/20 rule, where most women only use 20 percent of their bags 80 percent of the time.

* Handbags need to be contained so they don’t fall over - pop them in pigeon holes to allow them to retain their shape.

* Filling your bags with bubble wrap (or plastic bags if you don’t have bubble wrap) is also great for shape retention.

* Use dust bags as daylight and dust aren’t kind to luxury leather so keep them protected.

* Don’t let your bags be an afterthought. Ensure they are given their own shelving space where they will not get damaged by other items.

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