Successful, attractive and single!

London: Gone are the days when women relied on men to make their life complete and secure. Now, is the time for happy-to-be-singletons, who prefer to live on their own rather than depending on someone.

Freedom to do what they want to generally drives women to choose this lifestyle.

Ginny Jory, a photographer and Montessori teacher in London, said her decision to remain single enabled her to say yes to a last-minute party invitation or to head off for the weekend is brilliant.

Hilary Catchpole, from Twickenham, is an IT director for Warner Bros said, "I love having my independence and not having to answer to another person," quoted the Daily Mail

She also said, "I don’t have to argue about money or washing someone’s underpants. I live on my own and I enjoy my freedom. Mostly, I don’t have to share my wardrobe with anyone - I couldn’t do it!"

Moreover, the idea of being in a bad-relationship and cribbing about it, has made women more inclined towards being single.

Christine Knott, from Stockport said that when people talk about their relationship problems it makes me realise how lucky she is.