Superman goes for a makeover

Spicezee Bureau

Legendary superhero, Superman, has finally decided to drop his underpants and don a new avatar. The DC comic hero, who has been a butt of several jokes for decades for wearing his red underpants above his bodysuit, will now be seen in jeans and work boots.

The 73-year old iconic superhero will don a new rugged look. While his logo and cape will remain the same, he will now wear patched jeans, work boots and a body hugging tee.

But why change the iconic look now? Speaking to a daily, Geoff Johns, chief creative officer for DC Entertainment, said, "To draw in a ‘new generation of comic-book readers and moviegoers." Writer Grant Morrison is hopeful to recreate the first superhero ever for the 21st century and change preconceptions.

“We are going to show you how Superman is, who he is, why he ended up wearing the costume that he wears and to show a different side to the character than we’ve ever seen before,” added Morrison.

The change has got mixed reactions from fans. While some are excited about the new look, others feel the charm of the original look would be difficult to replace.

Meanwhile, the producers of the movie adaptation Warner Brothers have stated that it would be too early to say whether the change will reflect on screen.

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