Avril Nunes and Rama Sreekant

Multitasking is her middle name, as a working woman and an excellent homemaker. I admire the way she single-handedly managed everything. I`m sure she has some secret superpowers. And her humble and loving nature still continues to amaze me with each passing day. She`s not just the best Mom, now she`s also the best Grandmom.

Ritika Moniz, 29, Financial Services

My mother Dr. Veena Sharma, 58, is a Professor of Political Science. She redefines motherhood with her deep-rooted beliefs, extremely open mind and ever-open arms. She has always been this vibrant, cheerful and witty lady, forever oozing positivity and super powers. She taught us the most critical virtue, to laugh off our woes and live life to the fullest, come what may.

Svetlana Sharma, 32, Film Marketeer

My Aai, Sheela Karande, 69 is not just my support system, but an entire support eco-system. She has been my life, my anchor, my pillar, my friend, my teacher, mentor, guide and now again my friend. She is always there for me and so is simply the best. My Mommy bestest!

Sonali Karande Brahma, 45, Independent Strategist and Writer

I have the world`s best mommy. My mum, Bernardine D`Penha, 54, works at KPMG. She has always put my needs before hers. Her selflessness is the reason there has never been a day in my life that I have ever wanted anything that she had never been able to provide for me. She not only has a full time office job but also works as a full time mom, a full time wife, a full time home maker. She`s kind hearted and extremely loving. Her charity goes beyond just giving donations. One of the most recent incidents was when she offered to indefinitely look after, feed and house a homeless lady that she found sitting on our foot path. That not only takes courage but also fearlessness. I thought it was absurd and was scared at first but slowly began to realise the innocence and love that exists in her heart is immeasurable. Besides mothering me, she willingly mothers anyone in need of care and support. I love my mom more than anything in this world, because she`s taught me everything through being the perfect example and this is the most wonderful gift of all. She`s my super hero, my advisor, my confidant and my best friend.

Berlyn Marilyn Fernandes, 26, Mommy-to-be

My mom, Lalita Ananthanaryanan, turns 70 in September 2014. She single-handedly raised my sisters and me. We lost our father when we were still adolescents, but she never let that change anything in our lives. Be it what we wanted to study or pursue as careers, she always supported us. I still remember, when I was appearing for my MBA entrance exams, she came with me to every institute, not because she had to, but because she wanted to. She never went to college and this was her way to get close to a college! Extremely talented, an amazing cook and great at the crafts, she used to stitch most of our clothes. She is an independent woman, who has lived her life on her terms and still does. I wish I could be more like her.

Padma Iyer, 38, Journalist

When you're the world's best mom, personal comfort takes a back seat to what's best for your child, you're an up close role model for your child, you cherish all your child's accomplishments, you're a pillar of strength even in moments of pure chaos, your love is a constant comfort in good and bad times, and of course you call to make sure your child has had a healthy meal even when she's in her twenties, in another city and is now a mom herself. My mother is all this and so much more. That's why she is the world's best mom.

Mallika Nazareth, 25, Financial Analyst

My mom is the best mom I could ever ask for. She is my best friend. She has always been there for me whatever happened. I am so grateful for her. We talk about anything in the world. She is so understanding, caring and loving. She has helped me so much in everything in life and I love her till my last breath,I don't know where would I be without her.

Tiffany O'Hara, 17, SYJC

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