(T / C) x (F + S) = I is the formula for the perfect pair of legs

London: Wearing short skirts and dresses during the summer means showing off a lot of leg, and in order to find out if you have the perfect pins, scientists came up with a formula.

Former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston’s ideal shape and perfect skin was used as an example by scientists, who took her vital statistics and came up with the formula (T / C) x (F + S) = I, the Daily Star reported.

Even though it looks complicated, T/C simply stands for the thigh-to-calf ratio, F is the superfine feel/texture of the skin and S is the semi-gloss sheen.

The formula reveals that 14.67 is the ultimate “pin number”. Therefore, the Perfect Pin equation is (1.63) x (5 + 4) = 14.67.

Research from electric shaver manufacturer Braun, also revealed that 70 percent of Brit men like women to have curvier legs like R ‘n’ B diva Beyonce Knowles, 29, rather than stick-thin pins like Victoria Beckham, 37.

They also preferred a thigh-to-calf ratio of 1.63-to-1 for a fuller leg. But 62 percent of weight-conscious women opted for a look like Posh, with a ratio of 1.2-to-1.


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