Taliban says Prince Harry ‘deployed to Afghanistan to atone for naked pics’

London: The Taliban have said that Prince Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan is nothing but a propaganda stunt that could allow him to atone for the shame of appearing naked in pictures.

The militant group claimed his deployment was an attempt to boost the flagging morale of war-weary soldiers.

A Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that the Prince`s arrival was purely symbolic and predicted that he would never leave his base in Camp Bastion, the Telegraph reports.

“The British Army is under pressure, just like the other forces in Afghanistan, and Britain wants to encourage its soldiers with such actions,” Mujahid said.

“And also the Prince was seen in naked pictures in England. To cover this shame, maybe he can atone by showing that he is fighting beside their soldiers in Afghanistan,” he added.

Prince Harry will soon start missions against Taliban fighters after arriving in Afghanistan last week for a four month tour of duty as an Apache attack helicopter pilot.
According to the paper, he has completed training in first aid and roadside bomb awareness and will now begin preparations for his first missions with 622 Sqn, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps.

The Prince will also be eligible for the 200 pounds a week operational bonus paid to troops in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence confirmed.