Tara Sharma kicks off Child, Baby and Maternity expo in Mumbai

ANI| Updated: Apr 04, 2014, 15:10 PM IST

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Tara Sharma was recently spotted launching the 2nd edition of Child, Baby and Maternity expo in Mumbai.

While speaking at the event, the mum-of-two said that the three-day exhibition is superb and the industry for baby products is growing so rapidly.

"I am a mother and I have my own show the Tara Sharma show, diaries of a new mom so I am very interested to know what are the new products, what are things for our kids and I think and it`s a nice to have a platform where you can see all the options and they can tell you what things are that`s really love," she said.

The expo features prominent brands from over 15 countries and also provides a platform for business engagements to expand the sector.