‘Tattooth’ gaining popularity among people as latest body art craze

Washington: A new fad has become a hit among people, with trendsetters discovering a new place for tattoos - their teeth.

Temporary teeth tattoos are a big craze in Japan but in the United States, the ‘tattooth’ mania has been taken a step further – people are now sporting permanent tattoos on their teeth, reports Fox News.

Tattooth artist Steven Heward has inked over 500 teeth with designs ranging from Elvis Presely to his most recent, Tweety Bird.

Heward works in a dental lab making false teeth. One day he discovered he could paint tiny portraits onto the teeth. Soon after, he started taking orders.

Heward uses a needle to etch the design onto the false teeth and then seals it in with a glaze. The only thing that has to be done is to visit the dentist to have the tooth put in.


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