Taylor Swift joined by fans for pizza party at her apartment

Los Angeles: Some fans of Taylor Swift just had an unforgettable experience with their favourite singer when she threw a pizza party at her apartment in NYC.

Those 90 lucky people could not help boasting about the exciting experience on social media, sharing what Swift`s pad was like and what they did at the pizza party, reportedly.

"Taylor is literally an angel. She greeted and hugged us all on the way in and out of her apartment. She talked to every single person there," a fan named @mairehan wrote on Twitter.

"Taylor never acted like she had 90 random strangers in her apartment. She treated us each like her best friends, I love her so much," another Twitter user, @MyChoiceIsTay13, posted.

"She trusted us in her apartment to wander around wherever we wanted and to hold her awards and her cats. That`s true love," the fan added.

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