Telling mom about pregnancy was ‘harder than labour’, says Bristol Palin

Washington: Former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol has said that breaking the news of her pregnancy to her mother was ‘harder than labour’.

The now 19-year-old mom of son Tripp, was just 17-years-old, when she was pushed into the public spotlight while her mom was running alongside John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election.

“I just kept my head held high, I didn’t listen to the TV or read the blogs or anything like that,” Fox news quoted her as saying, referring to the period of intense public scrutiny.

“I just leaned on my friends and family for support,” she said.

And Bristol has admitted that telling her mom about her pregnancy was harder than labor.

“It was extremely difficult; I’ll always compare it to labor. I thought it was harder than labor. I was just thinking they’d be disappointed, then realizing I’d have to grow up so fast. It was all extremely difficult. Going from a teen to an adult so quickly has been the most challenging part of motherhood,” she added.



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