Thanksgiving special: Things you can do today!

Still wondering what to do on Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving special: Things you can do today!
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-Thanksgiving special: Things to do today!

Mumbai: On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, here the things you can try to make your day a memorable one

- Karaoke, because it gives happiness

Invite over your friends and family for dinner. To get the right spirit of Thanksgiving, give a small token of love to every person who participates in karaoke. And every person on this planet loves singing, so be ready with ample of love this year! 

- Gathering Memories

Thanksgiving doesn’t necessarily mean giving away material gifts. You can simply have your entire family under one roof and cherish the memorable moments spent together. Relive your childhood memories. Your grandparents will have abundant fascinating stories to share. Thank your beautiful family for making your ‘forever’ moments.

-Family Thanksgiving Journal

Ask everyone to bring a blank notebook to your place. Start filling each other’s notebooks by writing short notes, thanking them for anything and everything. Make this a ritual every year and you will find how much people love you and are happy with the difference you have made in their lives.


Take full advantage of the season sale that is going on in the mall nearest to you. Shopping can not only be the best stress buster but it is also a way of thanking yourself. Be appreciative of your Zindagi. Celebrate your life this Thanksgiving day.  

- Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is such a game that is suitable in any occasion! Make a treasure hunt for your cousins and friends. Make teams, give out clues. This is the best combination of giving a surprise and celebrating thanksgiving with your loved ones.

-Thanksgiving to non-humans

Before you feast on your sumptuous dinner, visit a zoo or a pet shop. Give them the best meal and thank them for brightening up your life. 

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