The power to charge your phone – is in your pants!

Washington: Sure, we have heard of solar powered heaters and calculators, even plans for a Japanese space station to get its energy from solar power. Now prepare yourself for an entirely new ‘solar power’ pants.

A new clothing line from Silver Lining puts solar panels on its 920-dollar Go Urban Cargo Pants pockets and each comes with independently functioning power supply.

The pocket-sized solar panels will be able to charge small electronic items like MP3 players and smart phones, reports a daily.

The 6 x 8 inch solar panels can be connected to a device through a USB port, to provide a supply voltage of 5 volts. And if you want to charge an additional item, you will have to shell out 20 dollars more.

The GO Collection, as it’s called, also has a hip-length Director’s Jacket, hooded Utility Vest, 3/4 length Myer’s Topper overcoat and Urban Cargo Pant.

As Gizmag said, "You can be decked from head to toe in sunlight harnessing apparel."