The Spirited Traveller: One night in Bangkok?

Bangkok: Bangkok`s nightlife has a particularly naughty reputation, thanks in part to movies like ‘The Hangover II’ which focus on bachelor party-style debauchery.

While locals say this small facet of Bangkok does of course exist, more upscale and business-friendly nightlife is available too - and lots of it.

"Thailand is a country where people don`t wait for weekends to have a drink," says Joel Clement, regional creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, who has been based in Bangkok for 10 years. "The venues come in so many varied forms, and they are plentiful."

The drinks too come in varied forms. Whiskey and soda is a Thai favourite, Clement says, and it`s common in Thai-style bars called ‘kitchen table discos’ for patrons to bring a bottle of whiskey to a club to share around a small, high table (the bars profit by selling mixers and ice and charging a corkage fee).

Meanwhile, Western-style establishments which cater to expatriates and travellers offer mixed drink menus, some featuring unique flavours such as lychee and lemongrass.

In the latter category, Clement recommends Fat Gut`z (, a ‘small and intimate’ bar with live jazz and sophisticated cocktails created by ‘mixsultant’ Joseph Boroski.

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