The tale of Krishna's death will teach you the biggest lesson of life!

The narration of Krishna's death will teach you a lesson of a lifetime!

The tale of Krishna's death will teach you the biggest lesson of life!
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New Delhi: Lord Krishna, an absolute incarnation of lord Vishnu, is worshipped highly by everyone. Yet, It is believed that he died in isolation.

According to the ancient narration, it all happened when the war of Kurukshetra, which was fought between the two group of cousins Kauravas and Pandavas, ended. Following the war, Lord Krishna came to meet Duryodhana's mother Gandhari. She was devastated by the death of her son and, in her rage, cursed Lord Krishna that he will die exactly after thirty-six years. Also, the whole Yadava clan along with the kingdom of Dwarka will vanish.

Krishna took the mother's curse with a smiling face as he knew that he shall reap the fruits of his karma one day.

Later, the curse began to show its results. Yadava clan began misusing their power and gradually some of them misbehaved with some rishis. Agitated by this, Rishis in return cursed them back that Samba (son of Krishna who disguised as a pregnant woman) will bear a lump of iron which will destroy their entire race.

Later, the curse started hitting reality and the whole of Yadava clan killed each other for money and power.

On seeing this, Krishna left Dwarka and the holy city submerged under the Arabian sea.

Krishna went to live in a forest where he was shot by an arrow by a hunter- Jara who misunderstood Krishna's moving foot with that of a deer. The arrow got pierced into Krishna's foot. On seeing this dreadful scenario, the hunter felt apologetic and sought forgiveness.

Lord consoled him by telling that his death was a result of his own karma, as in his previous birth as lord Rama he had killed the Vanara Vali (king of Kishkindha) from behind the bushes. Thus, he was also destined to die the same death.

Coincidentally, the hunter- Jara was the reincarnation of Vali's son 'Angad'.

Hence, when a Lord like Krishna who is addressed as 'Svayam Bhagavan' couldn't escape Karma then nobody can ever do that either!