The ‘weird’ things man had to do to reach the moon!

London: The 1969 moon landing may have been a giant leap for mankind, but for this the astronauts were trained in a weird way– at least, that is what pictures released by NASA have depicted.

One of the images released by the space agency have shown astronauts preparing for space walks by wading through swimming pools.

Surrounding the water – which simulates the gravity conditions of the moon – were scientists wearing iconic 1960s suits and fedora hats.

In fact water has been a consistent theme of the programme.

A snap from 1995 has shown spacemen floating in specially-designed orange rafts that show them like the rubber ducks in a bathtub.

One of the snapshots has also depicted the grinning spacemen conducting wilderness training in the desert by donning Arab-style headdresses.

Another snap showed astronauts wearing full spacesuits in the Nevada heat while testing a moon buggy.