Things women hate about men revealed!

Melbourne: If some of you guys out there are still clueless as to why your girlfriend broke-up with you without any apparent reason, then you might want to read this one.

Women hate the fact that men don`t listen to their problems and are constantly trying to provide solutions, when all the ladies want to do is talk about the issue and release some stress.

Another thing that irks women in men is that they always try to dominate the TV remote and switch channels according to their preference.

A man might think that his gross jokes are super hit among his male pals, but they do not get him any points in a woman`s book, whereas sitting and listening to them, will.

Leaving the toilet seat-up is also not the best thing to do if you are living with a woman, additionally, asking for directions when you are lost won`t hurt your self-esteem.


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