Thompson reveals being sexually abused on her 8th b`day bash

London: Actress Emma Thompson reveals that an elderly magician, who had come to perform at her eighth birthday party made sexual advances towards her.

The 54-year-old star`s ordeal encouraged her to write a handbook for her 13-year-old daughter Gaia to guide her through life, reported Daily mirror.

"He was an old man with grey hair. And he took me behind a door and said, `Would you like a sweetie?` I said, `Oh, yes please,` but I had a funny feeling. He gave me the sweet and said, `Will you give me a kiss?` and I said yes," Thompson said.

"So I went up to kiss him on the cheek and he planted his mouth on mine, stuck his tongue in my mouth and wiggled it about. I thought it was my fault - children always think it`s their fault," she added.