Tiger Woods may lose kids in custody battle

London: Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren wants full-time custody of their kids, Samantha and Charlie, and could even take them home to Sweden, according to reports.

Even though Tiger and Elin have been living apart, the two have been civil in their dealings – both have hired divorce lawyers since the golfer admitted a string of affairs.

However, the Swedish model’s bid to get two-year-old Sam, and 19-month-old Charlie could spark a full-scale legal war, reports a news daily.

A source said, “They share the children, but the nannies drive the kids from house to house. Elin used to go to Tiger’s house but doesn’t now. And she has her people communicate with him so she doesn’t have to.”

The source added: “Elin isn’t saying that she’s moving to Sweden but she does want full custody and has distanced herself from Tiger.

“It seems to have killed the small chance they had at reconciling.”